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Who we are?

We are individuals, designers, engineers, teachers, students, young people (yes, we even have a 14 year-old volunteer inboard), all passionate about 3d printing. Our hobby has led us towards a common goal: to put our 3d printers at the service of the health crisis. We strive to alleviate, through our agility, the shortage of protective and medical equipment that our Quebec society is currently facing.

What are we printing?

Anything useful in times of crisis to stop the spread of the virus and save lives!

Most of our printers manufacture face shields that are distributed to hospitals, health care workers and other essential services, as well as charitable organizations such as street workers. We also print surgical mask ear savers, which are in high demand because they make prolonged wear of surgical masks much more tolerable.

Why a community of makers?

As a young organization without the rigidity of large corporations, we adapt easily to the changing reality of the health crisis management. Thus, our flexibility currently allows us to fill-in the temporary need for face shields while larger companies restructure their operations in order to start PPE production. Additionally, should the shortage of materials exacerbate, this same agility will allow us to instantly shift our production to the manufacturing of ventilator parts, valves, and other equipment.

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